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An initiative of Nagarathar Chamber of Commerce only as a facilitation partner with Monexo - an online NBFC P2P (Peer to Peer) Lending marketplace where people borrow and lend money to each other.


NBFC - P2P - Non-banking Financial Companies - Peer-to-Peer

  • Recognised by RBI
  • Connects the lenders directly with the borrowers using a digital platform thereby eliminating the intermediary margin and ensuring lower interest rates
  • Has freed up the supply side of credit by helping individuals channel their savings into an asset class that helps them earn like a bank., thereby helping borrowers break away from exploitative practices of unorganised sector
  • Offers more options to small businesses - to meet a temporary shortfall in cash, pay salaries, execute a sudden large order or to do something innovative
  • Creates an Inclusive Financing Ecosystem. Small businesses are often considered risky to lend. This gap is met by NBFC P2P with the use of tech-based credit algorithms that considers new-age data points and is able to list borrowers, that would otherwise be denied by banks and traditional Financial Institutions
  • New to credit (NTC) and Young Entrepreneurs are supported through this platform
  • Empowers Women Entrepreneurs
  • It Uncomplicates the entire loan process

KITTANGI - An Online Lending Marketplace

KITTANGI online platform will offer the following to NCC members:

Lending Dashboard - Investors can use this dashboard to lend money to borrowers of their choice

Employee Loan Program (ELP) - This program will benefit your employees for their personal loan requirements

NCC Private Room - Exclusively for NCC members looking for self-employed loans; NCC lenders can extend loans to NCC borrowers in this private room

Lending Dashboard
Employee Loan Program
NCC Private Room

The lending dashboard is for the investors looking forward to create a new asset classification in their investment portfolio. To know more about this and also to on-board, follow the URL:

The employee loan program is for your employees who look for personal loans. To know more about this and also for your employees to on-board, follow the URL:

The private room will facilitate NCC members to lend self employment loans to NCC members who are looking for working capital support to further their business. The lenders will enjoy a benefit of reduced service provider commission charges and the borrowers will enjoy a reduced interest rate of borrowing.

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