Mentoring & Fund Arrangements

Mentoring & Fund Arrangements

One of the primary objectives of NCoC is to hand-hold, guide, mentor, assist and facilitate as necessary and desired by the member either strategically or financially to his / her start-up business or for scaling up existing business

The mentoring and funding facility is open for all NCoC Members. NCoC has a tie-up with pool of industry leaders as mentors within NCC and through third party collaborations including TiE Chennai. The mentors will engage in personal on one-to-one with members


In doing so, NCoC plays an important part,

  • Gathering information about prospective entrepreneurs
  • Educating them about NCoC’s platform and advantages
  • Assisting in putting together plans and proposals in proper form
  • Receiving applications for mentoring or funding arrangements
  • Screening/filtering/validating business ideas for start-ups and scale-ups
  • Arranging for presentation to mentoring/funding entities
  • Assisting in mentoring / funding arrangements
  • Tracking the success of efforts for feedback and remedial measures

Interest Investors and Business promoters may please fill the preliminary details in the attached google forms and submit the same online. NCoC committee members will contact you shortly to take your proposal forward.

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